Today, many properties in the United States are NOT energy efficient. Consequently, their energy costs are often unnecessarily high. This negatively impacts earnings/NOI. By evaluating existing conditions, we can design a system that will ensure that your property operates as efficiently as possible. This allows our customers to manage their energy consumption costs and forecast spending more accurately.

We partner with local governments, utility companies, and industry professionals to provide customers with the most comprehensive savings options available today. Single Source Energy Solutions also ensures that our customers obtain and utilize all applicable state, federal, and utility incentives available.

Through a customer-oriented approach we can seamlessly integrate these systems into your facilities, with no major disruptions, in a timely and professional manner.

Some of the programs that we may offer are:

  • Lighting Retrofits
  • HVAC Controls
  • Energy Management Systems
  • Energy Audits and Consulting

On average the Untied States demand for energy grows at a rate of 3% a year

By retrofitting with efficient equipment, you can hedge against rising costs.

90% of energy used by traditional bulbs is wasted in the production of heat.
25% of the energy consumed in commercial facilities is from lighting

Energy efficient lighting retrofits are an excellent way to realize substantial immediate savings and improve light quality.

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