In deregulated energy markets, Single Source Energy Solutions has the ability to provide our customers with a variety of solutions for procuring competitively priced electricty as well as natural gas.

We can offer flexible contract terms:

  • Month-to-Month for customers seeking a low risk trial run
  • Long-Term for customers looking for a fixed hedge against rising costs

SSeS also has various price model offerings:

  • Indexed for customers seeking a variable rate pegged to the market
  • Block Indexed for customers who prefer a combination of fixed and index pricing
  • Fixed for customers looking for the security of guaranteed rates

SSeS will take a managed risk approach to develop a cost effective procurement strategy. We accomplish this through the evaluation of existing consumption, pricing, and contract terms. We will work with our customers to assess and understand risk tolerance levels as well as expectations to design the best competitive procurement strategy for your business

Below is an excerpt from a utility company's website:

"We encourage you to compare the offers of competitive suppliers as an alternative to the Basic Service. However, we remind you to carefully consider other aspects of service such as the length and terms of a contract, billing, payment policies, and deposit and warranty requirements. In today's competitive generation market, there are many customers who are already buying their electricity supply from a company other than us and have realized significant savings in their electricity costs."

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