Why Us?

We encourage property owners to explore the benefits of energy efficiency, competitive procurement and renewable energy strategies. There are numerous ways to reduce energy costs and hundreds of companies that claim they can help you accomplish your goals. However, Single Source Energy Solutions is the only company that can truly provide access to all of these programs... all under one roof.

The commitment necessary to identify the opportunities, select appropriate contractors, and implement a verified system is time consuming and costly. We believe that our approach is an innovative way of bringing ease and efficiency to the industry. Single Source Energy Solutions will truly be a "single source" to provide our customers with every available variety of energy savings programs. Our customers will have the ability to consult with one group (SSeS), who will work on your behalf to explore everything the market has to offer. SSeS will do so with an unbiased, flexible agenda. SSeS caters to your needs, works at your pace, and delivers the simplicity that is not currently offered in the energy industry.

In short, SSeS professionals act as energy consultants, not salespeople. As a result, and unlike our competitors, our goals align with our clients' goals.

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